Electromagnetic Field Theory-1

Electromagnetic Field Theory-1 1.1

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world.

This unique free application is for all students across the world. It covers 133 topics of Electromagnetic Field Theory in detail. These 133 topics are divided in 5 units.

Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail.

This USP of this application is "ultra-portability". Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

Basically, each topic is like a detailed flash card and will make the lives of students simpler and easier.

Some of topics Covered in this application are:

1. Introduction of Electromagnetics (EM)

2. Vector Algebra

3. Unit Vector

4. Position and Distance vectors

5. Vector Multiplication

6. Component of the Vector

7. Cartesian coordinate Systems

8. Cylindrical coordinates

9. Rectangular to Cylindrical Coordinate Transformation

10. Cylindrical to Rectangular Coordinate Transformation

11. Spherical coordinate system

12. Rectangular to Spherical Coordinate Transformation

13. Spherical to Rectangular Coordinate Transformation

14. Differential Lengths in Cartesian Coordinates

15. Differential length in Cylindrical Coordinates

16. Differential Lengths in Spherical Coordinates

17. Line Integral

18. Surface Integral

19. Volume Integral

20. Del operator

21. Del operator

22. Gradient of a Scalar

23. Divergence of a vector

24. Divergence Theorem

25. Curl of a Vector

26. Stoke’s theorem

27. Laplacian of a scalar

28. Electrostatic Field

29. Coulomb’s Law

30. Electric field intensity

31. Electric field due to charge distribution

32. Electric field due to line Charge

33. Electric field due to Surface Charge

34. Electric field due to Volume Charge

35. Electric flux density

36. Gauss's law

37. Application of Gauss's law

38. Electric potential

39. Relationship between E and V-maxwell's Equation

40. Electric dipole

41. Electric flux line

42. Energy density in electrostatic fields

43. Properties of materials

44. Convection Currents

45. Conduction Currents

46. Conductors

47. Polarization in Dielectrics

48. Field due to a polarized dielectric

49. Dielectric Constants

50. Dielectric Material

51. Continuity Equation

52. Relaxation Time

53. Boundary Condition

54. Dielectric-Dielectric Boundary Conditions

55. Conductor-Dielectric Boundary Conditions

56. Conductor-Free Space Boundary Conditions

57. Poission’s and Laplace’s equations

58. Uniqueness Theorem

59. General procedures for solving Poission’s or Laplace’s equations

60. Resistance and Capacitance

61. Parallel-Plate Capacitor

62. Coaxial Capacitor

63. Spherical Capacitor

64. Method of Image

65. A Point Charge Above a Grounded Conducting Plane

66. A Line Charge above a Grounded Conducting Plane

67. Magnetostatics

68. Biot-Savart’s Law

69. Field due to a straight current

70. Ampere's circuit law

71. Application of ampere’s law

72. Infinite Sheet of Current-Ampere's Law

73. Infinitely Long Coaxial Transmission Line-Ampere's Law

74. Magnetic flux density

75. Maxwell’s equation for static fields

76. Magnetic scalar and vector potential

77. Derivation of Biot-Savart's law

78. Derivation of Ampere's law

79. Forces due to magnetic field-moving charged particle

80. Forces due to magnetic field-Current Element

81. Forces due to magnetic field-Between Two Current Elements

82. Magnetic Torque and Moment

83. Magnetic Dipole

84. Magnetization in materials

85. Classification of Magnetic Materials

86. B-H curve

87. Magnetic Boundary Conditions

88. Inductance and Inductor

89. Magnetic Energy

90. Time varying fields

91. Faraday's Law

92. Transformer emf

93. Motional emf

94. Link between electric and magnetic fields

95. Displacement Current

96. Maxwell’s equation in final form

97. Electromagnetic wave

98. EM wave propagation

99. Wave propagation in lossy dielectrics

All topics are not listed because of character limitations set by the Play Store.

Electromagnetic Field Theory-1


Electromagnetic Field Theory-1 1.1

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